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Sequencers at KMR Audio


Sequencing is one of the coolest things about a modular system. Full stop. There's nothitng more pleasureable than setting up a group of scenes and event's and having your system and sound unfold in front of your eyes and ears.


With many modules doing away with the more conventional 16-step sequencing and bringing in interesting triggering solutions to the market. Complex triggering systems such as the Circadian Rhythms from TipTop Audio provide a powerful triggering solution for live performers, which can be combined with pitch based sequencers to create a full scale performance system.


Sequencing in Eurorack defies the normal rules of synthesis, with many looking for random ways to create melodies and basslines on the fly. If you're looking for random voltage generators and quantizers, then this is the right place to be.

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Items found 12

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