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The Sequencer is one of the most underrated but most used piece electronic music equipment. Used in almost all genres of music since the early 70's and still used extensively today.


Early innovations of the sequencer included the punched paper roll used by the RCA MKII. The holes punched in the rolls of paper would operate as note information tell the synth what to play.


Nowadays though, we've moved onto less primitive solutions.... Though most hardware sequencers still use the form factor popularised in the 70's!


Modern sequencers generally feature MIDI, USB and less commonly CV. And thanks to the recent resurgence in the popularity of Analogue Synthesis and the rising popularity of Eurorack, we're starting to see some very unique sequencers and pattern generators coming to the market.


Notable recent innovations include;


TipTop Circadian Rhythms, a Eurorack format complex Rhythm Generator which is dubbed as the module for making music on a modular.


Arturia Beatstep Pro a comprehensive, well connected MIDI, CV and USB sequencer with a familiar step based interface and a wide array of performance controls.


Korg SQ-1 a simple inexpensive 16-step MIDI and CV sequencer with lots connectivity.


Analogue solutions MegaCity an impressive multi-channel 64-step MIDI and CV sequencers.


Whilst stable favorites like the Doepfer Dark Time still stay to this day.


We have a wide selection of Eurorack and Standalone sequencers available online and in store. For more information click online or call us today for expert advice.

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