Mastering tools provide the added "spice" and we have some great tools for mastering from stereo units to multi-channel dynamics processors. Take your mixes to the next level and get a music mastering unit from KMR Audio today.
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  1. Dangerous Music Cutter
    Dangerous Music Cutter
  2. Dangerous Music Liaison Mk2
    Dangerous Music Liaison
  3. Dangerous Music Master
    Dangerous Music Master
  4. Dangerous Music Mastering Complete System
    Dangerous Music Mastering Complete System
  5. Dangerous Music Monitor SR
    Dangerous Music Monitor SR
  6. Dangerous Music Monitor ST
    Dangerous Music Monitor ST
  7. KMR Exclusive
    DAV BG3 MKV - Stereo Mastering EQ - Front
    DAV Electronics BG3
  8. KMR Exclusive
    DAV Electronics BG4 mkII Stereo Limiter - Front
    DAV Electronics BG4
  9. KMR Exclusive
    DAV Electronics S.I.P.P - Front
    DAV Electronics SIPP
  10. Dynaudio M5P Evidence Pair
    Dynaudio M5P Evidence
  11. Electrodyne 511b
    Electrodyne 511b 500 Series EQ
  12. elysia alpha compressor - Front
    Elysia Alpha Compressor
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