Radial Pro-RMP

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Passive Re-Amping Box.
The Radial Pro RMP is a 100% passive re-amplifier that lets you take a pre-recorded track and re-amplify it through a guitar amp or effects pedals to create new and exciting tones. Re-amping has been the 'secret weapon' for countless recordings by the biggest names in the business and the process is often used on guitars, bass, keyboards, percussion and even voice to create new textures! Plug and play easy to use, the Radial ProRMP connects from the recorder to your amp and effects units and does all the impedance matching for you. Just adjust the level to suit! The magic behind the Radial Pro RMP great tone is a custom wound transformer that at once converts the balanced low-z source to a hi-z input for your amp while also acting as an electrical isolator to eliminate troublesome ground loops that can often cause buzz and hum in the sound. The main features of the Radial Pro RMP include: •Play pre-recorded tracks through amps and pedals •Opens the door to creative new tones and textures •Eliminates repetitive playing during recording •On board level control for fine tuning the gain •Transformer isolated to eliminate buzz and hum
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Short DescriptionPassive Re-Amping Box.
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ManufacturerRadial Engineering
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