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The RME HDSPe Madiface is a 128-Channel Mobile Digital Audio Interface for Laptops. The RME HDSPe Madiface consists of the HDSPe ExpressCard MADI and a small breakout box, offering full MADI power: 64 channels input and 64 channels output, up to 192 kHz sample rate, in MADI embedded MIDI transmission, complete TotalMix that is even remote controllable and has all features of the 'bigger' HDSPe MADI, as well as lowest latency and CPU-load. To make the usage as comfortable as possible, the power for the breakout box is provided directly by the ExpressCard, so no external power supply is required. The RME HDSP Madiface is fully compatible to all devices with MADI interface. The connection between ExpressCard MADI and breakout box is established using ordinary firewire cable (IEEE 1394, 6-pin). However, the data transfer does not use FireWire protocol. The supplied cable is 1 m (3 ft.) long. The ExpressCard MADI serves as power supply for the breakout box, freeing you from the hassle of additional wall warts. The RME Madiface offers full support for 56 and 64 channel modes and double and single wire technology (96k frame) for 96 kHz. Full 64 channel support can also be found in the hardware mixer TotalMix. All 64 inputs and 64 playback channels can be routed and mixed to 64 physical outputs completely freely, which translates to an 8192 channel mixer. With that, RME's MADI interfaces offer the most powerful router/mixer ever implemented on a PCIe card, and allow much more than a usage as pure computer I/O unit. RME HDSP Madiface main features include: 64 channels input 64 channels output Up to 192 kHz sample rate MADI embedded MIDI transmission Full RME MADI compatibility MADI optical patchbay and router MADI coaxial/optical or vice versa converter and splitter MADI redistributor, patchbay and router All features of the 'bigger' HDSPe MADI Low latency and CPU load.
Short Description The RME HDSPe Madiface is a 128-Channel Mobile Digital Audio Interface for Laptops.
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Manufacturer RME

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