Roger Mayer 456 4-Channel Mic Pre

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No compromise four-channel Class A mic preamp with independent 456HD® Analogue Tape Simulation on each channel and VU meter

The Roger Mayer 456 4-channel Mic Pre is a no-compromise four-channel mic preamp with independent 456HD® analogue tape simulation on each channel.


The Roger Mayer 456 4-channel Mic Pre uses four ultra linear high-speed Class A discrete preamplifier based on Roger Mayer’s circuit originally designed in 1968. It boasts ferrite transformers hand wound in the UK to deliver ultra phase and linear over a very wide bandwidth well above 80kHz. It uses a two gain stage design which each using both PNP and NPN low noise transistors and provides up to 65dB of gain.


The gain and output volumes are both controlled by a 22-way stepped potentiometer which removes the linearity of pots with quick settings and easy recalls of stepped controls.


Four VU meters are also included and can be made to monitor the signal prior to the 456HD® processor or placed after via jumpers. It comes calibrated as 0VU = +4dBu but can be adjusted to your preferred operational standards.


Roger Mayer's 456HD® Analogue Tape Simulation process adds tape colouration. It uses an analogue circuitry to recreate the colouration of the Ampex 456 Tape played on a Studer A80. It is designed to provide the ideal level to your A/D converter and offering a stunning sounding front end. Input and Output controls are provided for the 456HD® to ensure optimum performance and colouration as well as integrating perfectly to your DAW.


The 456HD® will add tape qualities without any of the inconvenience of old tape machines. Beyond a stunning tracking path, the 456HD® Analogue Tape Simulation will also impart its sonic imprint at mixing and mastering, adding harmonics and analogue richness to digital sounding audio.



Roger Mayer is a British audio designer who started designing guitar effects for Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck and Big Jim Sullivan around 1964. His ground-breaking fuzz pedal designs and the legendary Octavia pedal helped Jimi Hendrix achieve his unique guitar tone - which was used for the first time on the Purple Haze guitar solo at Olympic Studios, London.

Roger stayed with Jimi throughout his career designing recording consoles, pre-amps, compressors and EQ's for many USA studios - these designs from the 1960's are now available with the 456HD® for the first time in a 4-channel unit.



Roger Mayer 456 4-channel Mic Pre Main Features:



  • Golden Era Analogue Mic-Pre Design on each channel
  • 456HD® Analogue Tape Simulation on each channel
  • Discrete Ultra Low Noise Class A Design
  • Ultra Wide Bandwidth
  • Transformer Balanced Inputs and Outputs
  • 22 Way Stepped Mic Gain Control
  • 22 Way Stepped Output Gain Control
  • Line Input Switch with Output Gain Adjust
  • 180 Degrees Phase Reversal Switch
  • Accurate Wide Band VU with Calibration Adjustment
  • 456HD® Output Level Adjustment
  • Gold Plated XLR Connectors
  • Triple Shielded 6 Layer PC Card Construction
  • Ultra Low Noise 48v Phantom Supply
  • 2 Channel Version Available, Upgradable to 4 Channel Version
  • Handmade in the UK




More Information
Short Description No compromise four-channel Class A mic preamp with independent 456HD® Analogue Tape Simulation on each channel and VU meter
Demo in Store Yes
Exclusive Worldwide Exclusive
Manufacturer Roger Mayer
Valve / Solid State Solid State
Channel Count Multi Channel
DI Input No
Side Chain Input No
Chassis Rackmount
Phantom Power Yes
High Pass Filter No
Includes Dynamics 456HD Analogue Dynamics Process
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