Roger Mayer 456HD-500 & Bento 2 Chassis Bundle

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Roger Mayer 456HD-500 & Bento 2 Chassis Bundle
Roger Mayer 456HD-500 & Bento 2 Chassis Bundle

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£1,299.00 £1,082.50

    Includes two Roger Mayer 456HD-500 analogue tape emulation modules and a Fredenstein Bento 2 500-series rack module

    The Roger Mayer 456HD-500 is a 500 series module designed to replicate the dynamic and harmonic properties of analogue tape.


    The Roger Mayer 456HD-500 features a unique ultra-high speed analogue circuit to emulate the classic combination of Ampex 456 tape with a Studer A80, recreating the harmonic and dynamic properties of this tape formulation and the frequency response, bias and tape head characteristics of this machine. Unlike software plug-ins, the 456HD-500 allows you to track with ZERO latency. It also has the advantage of providing the much sought-after feel & sound of tape but without wow & flutter, and tape hiss.


    The 456HD-500 has an input and output control for gain-staging and a Bias to affect the tone of tape colouration, recreating the typical tone of 15ips and 30ips playback speed and anything in between. Markers are provided for each control and serve as a starting point which will work for most applications.


    Ideal for tracking placed just before your A-to-D stage, or on your mixbus (with two modules), the 456HD-500 delivers all the benefits of analogue tape to your digital recording and mixing setup.



    Roger Mayer is a British audio designer who started designing guitar effects for Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck and Big Jim Sullivan around 1964. His ground-breaking fuzz pedal designs and the legendary Octavia pedal helped Jimi Hendrix achieve his unique guitar tone - which was used for the first time on the Purple Haze guitar solo at Olympic Studios, London. 

    Roger stayed with Jimi throughout his career designing recording consoles, pre-amps, compressors and EQ's for many UK and USA studios.





    Roger Mayer 456HD-500 Main Features:


  • 456HD® Analogue Tape Emulation
  • 500 Series Design
  • Based upon the sound of Ampex 456 Tape on a Studer A80 Tape Machine
  • Simple to adjust Input and Output gain staging
  • Bias control lets you choose between 15ips or 30ips
  • Current draw: 223mA
  • Handbuilt in the UK

  • The Fredenstein Bento 2 is a 2-channel 500-series enclosure with advanced audio routing capabilities.

    The Fredenstein Bento 2 allows for the daisy-chaining of modules by engaging the switches on the back panel making easy to create your perfect custom channel strip without resorting to complex cabling configurations. A link switch allows for the linking of two compressors for true stereo operation. A ground lift switch is also included in case of ground loops. In addition the Bento 2 features Aux TRS inputs and outputsworking in parallel to the original XLR connectors for all 10 channels which can be used with certain modules which use this extra port for additional functions such as parallel processing.

    The Bento 2 provides a lot of power and will easily feed the most power hungry modules such as valve mic preamps or compressors and uses a universal power supply which means that you can travel anywhere in the world.

    Fredenstein Bento 2 Overview:

  • Input Voltage: 90V AC to 240V AC, 50 to 20 Hz
  • Output Voltages: +12V DC 1.2A
  • -12V DC 1.2A
  • +48V DC 0.3A
  • Power Consumption: max 90W
  • More Information
    Short DescriptionIncludes two Roger Mayer 456HD-500 analogue tape emulation modules and a Fredenstein Bento 2 500-series rack module
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    ExclusiveWorldwide Exclusive
    ManufacturerRoger Mayer
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