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Dual Channel FET Limiter with 456 HD Analogue Tape Simulator
Sean Genockey
The RM58 sounds fantastic… once you’ve tried it, it’s very hard to go back to another 2-bus compressor. It’s also very flexible - it can be punchy like an SSL or set up with a super-fast attack for a bright modern edge. Having the 456 onboard is the cherry on the cake - it just sounds like a lot of classic recordings, but without being a retro sound–a–like! Sean Genockey - Producer (Roger Daltrey, Suede, The Who, Manic Street Preachers,)


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The Roger Mayer RM58 is a dual channel FET limiter with 456 HD technology, based on Roger Mayer’s original limiter used in Olympic Studios Record Plant, Electric Lady and many more iconic studios around the world.

The Roger Mayer RM58 boasts a unique FET Gain reduction circuit working in a feed-forward mode that controls both positive and negative peaks. This results in a stable stereo centre image even with a vast amount of gain reduction. Furthermore, it uses a real-time dynamic gain reduction method that works constantly, providing truly natural and musical sounding results. As a result of the constant and dynamic nature of the processor, there are no controls for ratios.

With a discrete Class A low-noise circuit path and an uncompromising approach to design, the RM 58 provides unparalleled transparency and extended frequency response all the way up to 100kHz. Class A output is also employed, providing ultra-low output impedance, ideal to work with professional equipment and modern recording systems.

In addition to the limiter, the RM 58 boasts Roger Mayer’s highly regarded 456 HD technology which adds the harmonic enhancement of Studer A80 with Ampex 456 tapes. Trim controls are also provided for DAW level matching.

The original Roger Mayer RM 58 was used in recording studios at the mastering stage before cutting vinyl. Its superior sound is finally available again and adapted to modern recording workflows while keeping all the quality of uncompromising vintage recording equipment.

Roger Mayer RM58 Stereo Limiter Main Features:

  • 2 Dynamically Matched Channels
  • Optimal Stereo Performance for 2 Channel Mixing
  • 456HD® Tape Simulation
  • 456HD® Trim control for easy DAW setup
  • Choice of Continuous or 21-position stepped Threshold and Output potentiometers
  • Wide Range 10 position stepped Attack and Release time constants
  • VU Monitoring of Input, Output or Gain Reduction Levels
  • Ultra Wide Band Hand Wound Custom Ferrite Transformer Balanced Inputs and Outputs
  • Hand Built in the United Kingdom
  • Ultra Low Noise Triple shielding construction using 6 layer PC Card
  • Channel Link switch with LED Indication
  • Channel Bypass switches with LED Indication
  • 456HD® Bypass switches with LED Indication
  • Front Panel access to VU Meter Calibration
  • Front Panel access to Gain Reduction VU Zero Set
  • Gold Plated Neutrik XLR Connectors
  • 3U Standard 19 inch Rack Mount - w 483 x h 133 x d 220mm - weight:4.2Kg
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • 48 Volt DC Meanwell Universal World AC Power Supply supplied
  • Made in the UK
  • More Information
    Short Description Dual Channel FET Limiter with 456 HD Analogue Tape Simulator
    Demo in Store Yes
    Exclusive Worldwide Exclusive
    Manufacturer Roger Mayer
    Old Price 2,999.00
    Dynamics Type Compressor
    Valve / Solid State Solid State
    Channel Count Dual Channel
    Chassis Rackmount
    Compression Type FET
    Ratio Dynamic Ratios
    Side Chain Input No
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