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Royer R101

Royer R101

Royer R101
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Following in the footsteps of theflagship R-121, the R-101 is a mono, passive ribbon microphone utilizing our patented offset-ribbon transducer and a 2.5-micron ribbon element. The R-101 is a new breed of modern ribbon microphone, designed for studio work and demanding live applications (particularly live electric guitar and brass). It incorporates many advancements pioneered by Royer Labs, including multi-layered wind screening for superior protection from air blasts and plosives. The screening also provides reduced proximity effect, allowing for closer miking with less bass buildup. Throw it on a guitar cabinet, hit record, play it back, smile. The ribbon element's smooth frequency response and phase linearity impart a warm, analog feel to digital recordings, where the depth and realism on playback feels more like tape rolling than digits being computed. A perfect choice for electric guitars, brass instruments and drums, the R-101's figure-8 pattern also conveys superb ambience and depth when used for room miking applications. Patented Offset Ribbon Technology The R-101 incorporates Royer's patented offset-ribbon technology and a low mass, 2.5-micron aluminum (99.9% pure) ribbon element. The ribbon transducer's flux-frame and rare earth Neodymium magnets create a powerful magnetic field which increases sensitivity while reducing stray magnetic radiation. The R-101's offset-ribbon transducer (Patent # 6,434,252) positions the ribbon element towards the front (logo) side of the microphone body. This proprietary arrangement gives the ribbon element more room to move within the prime magnetic field and maintain full frequency response during high SPL recordings. It's an integral part of the magic in all Royer R-series microphones. The offset-ribbon transducer also gives you the option of a brighter response when recording lower SPL sound sources on the back side (3 feet and closer; phase reversed in this position). The back side of the mic is often preferred on vocals, acoustic guitars and other stringed instruments. The Warranty: Like all Royer mics, the R-101 comes with a lifetime warranty to the original owner and the first re-ribbon is free. Features High SPL capabilities for electric guitar and percussion Multi-layered wind screen provides superior protection to ribbon element No internal electronics to overload or produce distortion up to maximum SPL rating Extremely low residual noise Ribbon element not affected by heat or humidity Absence of high-frequency peaks, "ringing" and phase shifts Equal sensitivity from front or back of element Applications Close miking Electric & acoustic guitars Drum overheads, kick drum (see manual for position), room miking Percussion instruments Brass, horn sections Strings-solo & sections Acoustic piano Vocals Live events-recording and sound reinforcement Technical Data Acoustic Operating Principle: Electrodynamic pressure gradient Polar Pattern: Figure-8 Generating Element: 2.5-micron aluminum ribbon Magnets: Rare Earth Neodymium Frequency Response: 30 -15,000Hz +/- 3dB Sensitivity: -48dB (re. 1v/pa) Output Impedance: 300 Ohms @ 1kHz (nominal) Maximum SPL: 135dB @ 30Hz Rated Load Impedance: 1500 Ohms (or greater) Output Connector: Male XLR 3-pin (Pin 2 Hot). Dimensions: 200mm L X 36mm W (7.9" L X 1.4" W) Weight: 483g (17 oz) Finish: Matte Black Accessories: Shock mount, carrying case, mic sock Optional Accessories: Pop screen Microphone Warranty: Lifetime to original owner (repair or replace at Royer's option) Ribbon Element Warranty: One Year
Short Description Following in the footsteps of theflagship R-121, the R-101 is a mono, passive ribbon microphone utilizing our patented offset-ribbon transducer and a 2.5-micron ribbon element.
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Manufacturer Royer
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