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SE Electronics Reflexion Filter X

SE Electronics Reflexion Filter X

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SE Electronics Reflexion Filter X

The sE Electronics Reflexion Filter X is a low cost, portable isolation screen that uses patented multi-layer technology.

The Reflexion Filter X or RF-X is the latest addition to the Reflexion Filter series and helps isolate sources from their environment using the same technology as its older siblings.

The RF-X features 4 layers of acoustic treatment to help reduce room ambience in your microphone. The first layer is a composite polymer back panel, which diffuses the sound waves as they pass through. The next is a layer of acoustic-grade absorptive wool, followed by an air gap. This helps soak up undesirable reflections and decouples the outer layers from the ridged inside layer. This inside layer is made from a specially designed high-density foam with curved undulations to further isolate the source.

The RF-X is designed to easily fit on a standard mic stand and features a simple arm and clamp assembly - allowing you quickly and securely mount your microphone ready for a session.

The SE Electronics RF-X main features include:

Low cost recording aide
Helps isolate sound sources from the environment
Uses the same patented technology as its older siblings
4 layers of treatment
Simplified clamping system
Use in conjunction with other Reflexion Filters
Uses a high-density, high performance foam
Short Description RF-X microphone isolation screen features 4 layers of acoustic treatment to help reduce room ambience into the microphone. Comes with a simple easy-to-use stand and clamp assembly.
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Manufacturer SE Electronics
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