Serpent Audio Chimera 500-series Compressor

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Faithful recreation of the legendary LA3A for 500-Series

The Serpent Audio Chimera is a faithful recreation of the legendary LA-3A adapted for the 500-series format.

The Serpent Audio Chimera uses a true T4B optical cell as the gain reduction element which is responsible for the unique compression characteristics of the LA-2A and LA-3A compressors. Combined with an all discrete circuit design, class AB transistor output, transistor balanced input and output, the Chimera produces thick, rich and smooth opto compression sound.

Built like tank with no expense spared, includes a robust steel enclosure and cover, Orange Drop and Elna capacitors, Sifam VU Meter hard Bypass and PCX power Monitoring. A Compress/Limit mode switch gives you the same option as offered by the original LA3A. The Chimera also features custom wound output and EL transformers which have been made to meet the original specifications. Stereo linking is provided as well as HF Sidechain boost allowing for De-essing. Serpent Audio has also incorporated the “Gain Mod” to ensure lower noise operation.

Serpent Audio Chimera 500-Series compressor main features:

  • All Discrete Transistor Design
  • Transformer Balanced Input & Output4
  • True T4B Optical Cell (User Replaceable/Upgradable)
  • Cinemag Input Transformer
  • Custom Wound Output & EL Transformers (Made to Original Specifications)
  • Full Steel Enclosure & Cover (for maximum signal shielding)
  • Orange Drop and Elna capacitors
  • Infamous "Mod" Incorporated
  • Hard Bypass (Relay Controlled)
  • Stereo Linkable (via 500 Series Card Edge Pin 6)
  • HF Sidechain Boost (for De-Essing)
  • Compress/Limit Mode
  • Premium Sealed Pots
  • Sifam VU Meter
  • PCX Power Monitoring*
  • VPR Compliant (100mA total power consumption)
  • Made In The USA
More Information
Short Description Faithful recreation of the legendary LA3A for 500-Series
Demo in Store No
Manufacturer Serpent Audio
Dynamics Type Compressor
Compression Type N/A
Side Chain Input No
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