Slate Digital VCC Virtual Console Collection

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The Slate Digital VCC Virtual Console Collection gives your DAW the colour, depth and imaging of 6 of the best analogue mixers.

Slate Digital VCC Virtual Console Collection brings the sound of famous analogue console to your DAW breathing live to mixes done “in the box”.

Slate Digital VCC Virtual Console Collection includes 2 different plug-in Virtual Channel and Virtual Mixbuss working together to recreate the signal path of 5 of the most famous analogue consoles. Insert the Slate Digital Virtual Channel all each individual channel to add the non-linear behaviour of an analogue console’s channel strips imparting your DAW the personality of the mixer of your choice.
Insert Virtual Mixbuss on your master buss and brings a brand new dimension never heard before on your DAW. On the top of the cumulative non-linear behaviour of the mixbuss, Virtual Mixbuss adds crossfeed adding superior imaging and depth to your mix.

The Virtual Console Collection is very simple but powerful to use thanks to a clever layout. Select your console emulation between the 5 different emulations; adjust the DRIVE knob to adjust how much of the mixer’s colour you wish to add. Slate Digital VCC’s clever design allows you to group several channels so that any changes made on one instance will affect all the other channels in that group, improving your workflow greatly.

Unlike with analogue summing, the possibilities on offer here are endless. Mix and match different channel strips with a different mix buss, or route different instrument groups through different channels and mixbuss instances. This way you can create many different shades and colours that will expand your sonic palette like you never imagined before.

With version 2, VCC brings the whole idea one step further by adding many new features and highly improved algorithms. First a new Brit 4 E emulation has been added recreating the legendary sound of the SSL 4000 E console into the mix. The GUI has also been updated with a clearer separation between the black VCC Channel and the metallic Grey VCC Mixbuss. Inputs and outputs can also be linked to keep level constant and a much requested noise reduction button has appeared to reduce the emulated noise of those consoles.

<strong>Slate Digital VCC Virtual Console Collection Overview:</strong>

  • Choose from 6 meticulously modelled analogue consoles.
  • Includes two plugins that faithfully reproduce the signal path of the consoles channel and mixbuss.
  • Input Level control.
  • Drive control.
  • Group Multiple Instances via Front Panel
  • Adds Depth, Width, Vibe and Tone to Digital Mixes
  • Add Extra Harmonics and Saturation with the Added Drive Parameter
  • Global and Group Level Calibration Settings.
  • VU Meter Ballistics.
  • Console Output Trims.
  • Real-time and Offline Oversampling Settings.
  • No Latency, Low CPU
  • Intel Mac 32bit: RTAS
  • Intel Mac 64bit: AAX, VST2, VST3 and AU
  • Windows 32bit: RTAS
  • Windows 32bit and 64bit: AAX, VST2 and VST3
  • Requires iLok 2
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Demo in StoreNo
ManufacturerSlate Digital
Short DescriptionThe Slate Digital VCC Virtual Console Collection gives your DAW the colour, depth and imaging of 6 of the best analogue mixers.
Supported Plug-in FormatAU, VST, AAX Native
Supported Computer FormatMac, PC
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