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Slate Digital VTC Virtual Tube Collection

Slate Digital VTC Virtual Tube Collection

3 Tube Saturation Modules for VMR (Download Code)

Slate Digital VTC Virtual Tube Collection

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Slate Digital
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The Slate Digital VTC Virtual Tube Collection requires the Virtual Mix Rack to function as well as an iLok 2 or 3 dongle.

The Slate Digital Virtual Tube Collection (VTC) offers three plug-ins designed to recreate the sound of vintage tube circuits, adding colour, warmth, depth and vibe.

Each module of the Virtual Tube Collection can act as a preamp, a saturator or even a summing console offering different saturation modes within the same plug-in.

The first module “London” is inspired by vintage British tube circuits and offer a big and warm with thick low and mids as well as smooth top end. Pushing the drive will round the transient nicely without ever sound aggressive. it is ideal to fatten up tracks in preamp mode or adding analogue body in console mode.

The second module “New York” is the dirtiest of the three, it combines valve inspired distortion with a touch of solid-state discrete saturation to add tightness and impact. Tight low end and aggressive midrange it is ideal to add focus and punch.

The final module “Holywood” like its name suggest is the classiest option adding stunning air, depth, excitement, and huge bottom end. Adding this module will add life, presence and richness that will bring a smile to your face.

Slate Digital VTC Virtual Tube Console Main Features:

  • 3 plug-ins based on classic vintage modeled circuits: London, New York, and Hollywood
  • Normal mode re-creates realistic properties of the modeled tube circuits
  • Boost mode amplifies the nonlinearities to add even more color and vibe
  • Preamp mode models a tube preamp circuit with saturation that emulates cranking the input amplifier while attenuating output
  • Console mode emulates a tube summing circuit with its attendant crosstalk and saturation properties
  • Saturation knob (preamp mode) emulates the sound of preamp saturation
  • Saturation knob (console mode) replicates mix bus overdrive for adding glue and thick, colorful tone when pushed
  • Highpass (6dB/octave) cleans up low-end rumble when needed
  • Mix knob controls balance between the dry unprocessed signal and the wet processed signal for effortless parallel processing
  • Output controls output level of the processor
Short Description Collection of three plug-ins designed to recreate the sound of vintage tube circuits, adding colour, warmth, depth and vibe.
Manufacturer Slate Digital
Software Type No
Supported Plug-in Format AU, VST, AAX Native
Supported Computer Format Mac, PC
ILok Required

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