Solid State Logic Alpha Channel

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This Product is Discontinued
Mono rackmounted 1U channel strip with 3 band SSL EQ, VHD and pre-amp for DAW users

The Solid State Logic Alpha Channel is a complete rack-mounted channel strip from SSL, offering DAW users a compact entry-point for that SSL sound.


With an SSL Alpha Channel you get a full package of features from a top-class manufacturer and with all the flexibility and versatility you would expect. Excellent pre-amps, a 3 band EQ with sweepable High, parametric Mid and a switchable Low frequencies and the innovative VHD circuit - Variable Harmonic Distortion allows you to control just how much distortion you would like and whether you prefer 2nd Order valve-type warmth or 3rd Order transistor crunch.


You also have a Lite Limiter on the Alpha Channel to keep your sounds in check and SSL A-D conversion. In addition, you have a Pad, Phantom power and Phase reversal buttons on the Alpha Channel. Oh yes, and a switchable 3-position HPF, too.


For a one-stop shop, the Alpha Channel from SSL has everything you need to give your DAW sounds the edge.



Solid State Logic Alpha Channel Overview:


• Professional ultra-clean mic pre-amp with line level and Hi Z instrument input switches

• 'Variable Harmonic Drive' circuit; a Time Machine of distortion characteristics

• High Pass Filter with selectable 40Hz, 80 Hz or 120 Hz cutoff frequency • Built-in professional quality Analogue-to-Digital conversion - as standard

• Audio sample rate sensing and self-adjustment

• Three band SSL parametric EQ with mid freq Q control and dual LF curves

• Intelligent auto compression that maximises recording headroom and avoids DAC clipping

More Information
Demo in StoreNo
Short DescriptionMono rackmounted 1U channel strip with 3 band SSL EQ, VHD and pre-amp for DAW users
Channel CountSingle Channel
DI InputYes
Side Chain InputNo
Phantom PowerYes
High Pass Filter40, 80, 120
Includes DynamicsLimiter
Includes EQLF 40 - 600 Hz, MF 300 - 5200 Hz, HF 1.5KHz - 22 KHz
Digital I/OSPDIF
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