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Sonnox Restore

Sonnox Restore

Sonnox Restore

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The Sonnox Restore audio restoration suite comprises of three high-quality plug-ins, DeNoiser, DeBuzzer, and DeClicker to remove unwanted crackles, clicks, pop, scratches, hum, buzzes and background noise.

The Sonnox Restore Collection features an easy to use graphic interface with very powerful and intuitive controls as well as superior noise reduction algorithms designed to restore your sound back to life.

DeClicker provides a powerful interface that lets you DePop, DeClick and Decrackle all at the same time, all with independent controls and an important visual display which lets you see the events as they occur in real-time. An Exclude box is provided to exclude certain events from being affected ensuring a more transparent process. In addition the DeClicker plug-in includes a Dialogue Mode which adds two addition sets of controls to tailor the behaviour of the processor to specific events. A Voice Threshold lets you set the level before the processor is activated or stopped. Side Chain filters are also included to restrict the bandwidth affected by the different processors.  

DeBuzzer provides unique and clever ways to detect and then remove unwanted buzz from your recordings. Using three different methods of isolating the fundamental frequency, DeBuzzer lets you then choose which type of tracking between Auto, Fast and Freeze providing the best isolation of the problematic region. In addition, DeBuzzer includes two different filter choices, the usual comb filtering found in traditional de-buzzer processors and a smoother Para-Eq mode which uses parametric EQ to remove the fundamental and harmonics in a more musical way.

DeNoiser is a wide-band noise from your audio material using noise profiling to remove unwanted noise below the threshold. With three detection modes; manual, auto and freeze, DeNoiser offers the capability of fine tuning the detection mode to provide optimum performance. A Fine Tune control lets you adjust the noise profile at different frequencies and use a Bias curve to remove more noise from certain frequency sections. A dedicated De-Hisser is also included and based before noise removal which can be used quite aggressively on material such as dialogues. A Mid/Side mode also lets you denoise the side without affecting the mono signal. Finally a Warmth control is useful to provide some form of richness back to the signal.

The Sonnox Restore Bundle is compatible with VST, AAX, AudioUnit and RTAS Digital audio workstations and requires an iLok2 to work.

Sonnox Restore Main Features:

  • Oxford DeClicker removes pops, clicks, and crackle
  • Oxford DeBuzzer removes hum and buzz
  • Oxford DeNoiser provides you with advanced noise removal
  • RTAS, Audio Units and VST, AAX Native
  • iLok2 Required
Short Description Audio restoration suite comprises of three high-quality plug-ins, DeNoiser, DeBuzzer, and DeClicker to remove unwanted crackles, clicks, pop, scratches, hum, buzzes and background noise
Manufacturer Sonnox
Software Type Audio Restoration Plug-in
Supported Plug-in Format AU, VST, AAX Native
Supported Computer Format Mac, PC
ILok Required (sold separately)

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