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Sound Anchor Stand for Barefoot MicroMain MM26/MM27 - Single

Sound Anchor Stand for Barefoot MicroMain MM26/MM27 - Single

Compatible with MM26 & MM27 Speakers

Sound Anchor Barefoot MM26 / MM27 - Single
Sound Anchor Barefoot MM26 / MM27 - Single Sound Anchor Barefoot MM26 / MM27 - Info

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Sound Anchors
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Custom built by Sound Anchor for Barefoot MM26 / MM27 Stand Specs: Base: 21"x17"x2" (LxWxH) Stand Height: 56" Tweeter Height Adjustment: 13" to 54.5" Maximum clearance Under Speaker (vertical): 44.25" Maximum Clearance Under Speaker (horizontal): 49" Speaker Mount Tilt: 5 degrees up or down Sound Anchors Stand Mounting Procedure 1. Remove the mounting bracket from the stand and place it on the side of the speaker cabinet. Line up the mounting holes, insert the bolts and finger tighten. If the bolts are too long and bottom out before the bracket is snug against the speaker cabinet, STOP. You may have the wrong size bolts. Contact KMR Audio / Barefoot Sound. 2. Secure the speaker mounting bracket to the stand at desired height. 3. Attach MM26 / MM27 handles the side of cabinet opposite to the side the mounting bracket will attach to. Then set the speaker horizontally on the floor. * If your cabinet doesn't have mounting bolt holes on both sides, then set the speaker horizontally between two stacks of books straddling the subwoofer to prevent it from touching the floor. 4. Tilt the stand down and line up the mounting bracket holes with the cabinet bolt holes. 5. Insert bolts and tighten until the mounting bracket is snug against the speaker cabinet. Do not over tighten! If the bolts are too long and bottom out before the bracket is snug, STOP. You may have the wrong size bolts. Contact KMR Audio / Barefoot Sound. * A good way to ensure you do not over tighten the bolts is to put the long end of the Allen wrench into the bolt and turn it using the short end. Tighten the bolt using no more force than you can apply to the short end of the wrench while holding it in the tips of your thumb and index finger. 6. Carefully tilt the entire assembly (speaker and stand) back up so it stands vertically.
Short Description Heavy-duty stand that holds 1x Barefoot MicroMain26 or MicroMain27
Demo in Store No
Manufacturer Sound Anchors

Customer Reviews

Highly recommended! Review by Rickard (Posted on 17/02/2012)
Since no one has mentioned Sound anchors or why these are such a valid option to the MM27, i will.
A fast look in the future of these stands shows the optional positioning of the speakers, vertical or horizontal, you can also angle them slightly down or up.
Thomas Barefoot recommended me to mount speakers so that tweeter is always in level with the ear.
Clearly obtainable with Sound anchors.
Change sofa or chair and normal stands become too short or too high. Not with these.
Also, speakers are never allowed to tip down or fall over or off as with normal stands.

To assemble the stands and mounting speakers at desired hight and angle is a bit of work.
2 persons is better than one and a bit of time is required.
Using a level tool is a good idea to get both speakers in line/level and also makes it easier when deciding on angle (up/down or in level).
No fancy level tool is needed, a small cheap 2 bubble version will do good.
Stands will perform much better if placed at their original spikes which are included.
However, i can recommend "Track audio's Isolation cones" under the spikes.
These are offering the deepest cavity at the market and are of very high quality. That allows you to move the stands ( with speakers mounted on the stands) with an easy hand.
This by gently pulling the stands base into desired direction/ position.
A simple cone/ coaster which has a less deep cavity, will allow the spike(s) to slide out of one or more coasters while positioning.
You do not want that!

Once setup, you will notice a more precise and solid imaging, improved clarity, a bettered dynamical impact and a bass which is fast, deep, tight and not proned to be bloated.
The forces left in the speakers will not be bouncing back and forth (speaker-stand-speaker) as with normal stands.
As speakers are mounted to a support arm and an additional arm is on the stands. This arm is directly torqued to the rear of MM27, this further reduce vibration in speakers chassi.
Stands are filled with mineral absorbing some of these forces/ vibrations.
I used typical stands before Sound anchors MM27 stands. Even though Sound anchors are expensive, i think they should be considered as a part of the speaker, more so, than an expensive option one can be without.
Comes highly recommended for all users, no matter studio or home listner.

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