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Power attenuator with analogue speaker simulation and speaker action. Supplants your guitar speaker cabinet and microphone(s).
The SPL TRANSDUCER Guitar Amplifier power attenuator with analogue speaker simulation and speaker action. Supplants your guitar speaker cabinet and microphone(s). The SPL Transducer Model 2601, is an analog cabinet and miking simulator for guitar amplifiers. In studio and on stage the Transducer replaces the guitar speaker cabinet and microphone(s) so that the time and resource-intensive microphone processing of this loud sonic source is no longer necessary. In addition the Transducer offers much more sonic flexibility and variety than a single mike and cabinet setup because it allows for varied speaker and mike simulations while allowing to retain accustomed features of individual setups (such as the ability to vary level-dependent loudspeaker characteristics and microphone distances). Do you want to record a fully torqued tube amp in a hotel at night? You’ll stay: with headphones virtually inaudible to anyone else, soundwise with stunning authenticity, and with the direct response of latency-free analog gear. The Transducer‘s purely analog design and strictly selected components are the key to its extremely fast and complex sonic processing – latency problems simply do not exist! It thereby gives the guitarist a direct response with an authentic punch. The analog simulation is so lavishly designed and constructed that even the most subtle guitar amp nuances are reproduced. With just a few adjustments the engineer has at his or her disposal a first class guitar signal for either studio recording sessions or in a live P. A. mix. The Transducer is a co-operative developmental effort between the guitar amp firm of Tonehunter and SPL. It brings together many years of experience from the professional music scene, combining specialized knowledge of electric guitarists and SPL‘s established international reputation in the research and development of analog studio electronics. This mutual effort of these two firms has been the basis for new ideas such as the unique Transducer concept, which has the potential to revolutionize the working life of both the electric guitarist and the recording studio engineer. The main features of the SPL TRANSDUCER include: The Transducer supplants at least four loudspeaker cabinets, two high quality microphones, their preamp, a good room ambiance, and at any time, the amplification may be cranked up The Transducer offers a unique ability for the guitarist during production performance to hear a true playback and then adjust his playback to the moment in the control room Fully analog construction for the highest authenticity in sonic quality and outstanding playability throught direct, latency-free response Critical parts are carefully selected for exceptional sonic characteristics The Transducer replaces all major cabinet and microphone types, thereby enormous savings in cost and space in transport, on stage, or in the studio Processing is independent from absolute volume levels, which means that no recording room is necessary and ear-saving work is possible everywhere and at any time Sonically much more flexible than a fixed cabinet/mike set in that all important loudspeaker and cabinet types, as well as dynamic and condenser microphones can be simulated Multiple guitar tracks can be “stacked” 200-Watt Power Soak Resulting recorded sounds are independent from room characteristics – what you hear is what you get Signals for live mixes are at recording quality level and free from crosstalk from other sound sources As on-stage recording loudspeakers are not needed any in-ear monitoring is done at safehearing levels as the cabinet must not be drowned out Significantly less time spent and much more efficiency and convenience in equipment setup, preparation, and working with sound variations Working procedures and connections follow customary standards of amp and cabinet sets
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Short DescriptionPower attenuator with analogue speaker simulation and speaker action. Supplants your guitar speaker cabinet and microphone(s).
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