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SSL Pro Convert Mac

SSL Pro Convert Mac

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SSL Pro Convert Mac

SSL Pro Convert is a software package for Mac designed to help DAW users transfer projects between different systems.

Before Pro Convert came along, a few different ways to transfer files existed, but these involved the host machine transferring the files as either uncompressed audio files (WAV, BWAV or AIFF) or using Open Media Framework (OMF) protocols. Both these methods worked, but crucially valuable time was lost when waiting for the results to show up.

The Solid State Logic Pro Convert has become very popular with musicians and producers frustrated by this common problem. Whether you are collaborating in different locations or transferring work from studio to home DAW, Pro Convert simplifies and speeds up the transfer and translation process.

With an Any Input Format to Every Output Format and an automatic Audio File Format converter, the Pro Convert software enables the user to take a file in one format and translate it themselves into their favourite system. No more time-consuming delays caused by file-transfer speeds and storage limitations.

Pan and Volume levels are also translated, along with Track Markers and PQ data, within an intuitive and well-designed layout.

For users of Pro Tools, Logic, SSL Soundscape, Cubase/Nuendo, Sound Track Pro or Final Cut Pro, the SSL Pro Convert could be just the one-stop shop you've been looking for.

SSL Pro Convert Overview

• Streamlines project transfer between Digital Audio Workstations or music and post facilities
• Compatible with Pro Tool 6-8.x, Final Cut Pro 6-7, Logic 8-9, Sound Track Pro 2-3, Cubase/Nuendo 3-5 and SSL Soundscape 4-6
• Intuitive and interactive User Interface with Conversion Presets and Target Shortcuts for recurring tasks
• Any Input Format to every Output Format Conversion Matrix
• Automatic Audio Format Converter
• Frame accurate offset feature
• 'Housekeeping' features for cleaning up projects
• Fade-curve translation control
• Pan and Volume automation curve conversion
• Includes Track Markers and PQ Data conversion
• Search & Replace missing audio file functions
• Rapid offline project and audio file conversion process
• Single File Video Timeline conversion
• Logging feature for quick validation of the conversion process
Short Description Mac-based audio file translation and conversion software to allow simpler transfer between different formats
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Manufacturer SSL
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