Steinberg Nuendo 6 Education

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Features groundbreaking new mixing console and high-end channel strip, ADR taker solution for voice recording, and fully integrated loudness measurement
Steinberg Nuendo 6 Education is a professional production system with an impressive feature set focused on the day to day requirements of professional recording studios, broadcast and post-production, including workflow, speed, flexibility and reliability. Steinberg Nuendo 6 is the ideal platform for film and TV post-production facilities thanks to its brand new, redesigned mixing console which provides instant access to all the crucial functions needed to mix thanks to a sleek single window design with multiple visibility configurations and drag-and-drop functions. A brand new Quick Link system allows to temporarily or permanently link different channels or specific parameters, while Nuendo’s brand new View Sets can store and recall all channel configurations as presets, offering a much improved workflow. Complementing the new mixing console, Nuendo boasts a brand new channel strip which offers several high-quality effects to help achieve recordings full of warmth and expressivity. From high-pass, low-pass filters, 4-band EQ, noise gate with side-chain support to compression and tape saturation, Nuendo’s new channel strip gives you everything that you need to get the best possible sound quickly. Nuendo 6 also comes with over 70 plug-ins including Voxengo Curve EQ a 64-band EQ capable of transferring characteristics of an audio track to another. Ideal for repeating events such as TV Series or voice recording, Curve EQ feature a professional spectrum-analyser that helps you compare and match different EQ Curves. Thanks to it’s a/B function it is also possible to compare the best settings easily. Nuendo 6 also includes brand new panning functions thanks to Anymix Pro 1.3 by IOSONO which allows for the creation of breath-taking surround mixes. Anymix Pro features unique distant-dependant loudness and EQ settings that can be automatically adjusted when the sound is moved within the listening space recreating perfectly all the natural changes in loudness and timbre of a sound moving around without using volume and EQ automation. In addition, Anymix Pro also features high-quality upmix functions permitting to upmix up to 8.1 systems without sacrificing the quality of your sound. A brand new metering section has been rebuilt, offering a large-scale volume meter capable of showing multi-channel surround signals, but also a brand new loudness metering section adopting the ubiquitous EBU R128 loudness standard. The new loudness meter can display Integrated, Momentary and Short Term loundness, allowing the engineers to keep track of the loudness of the audio material ensuring compliance with EBU-standards. Nuendo also feature a unique Loudndess Lane which writes a loudness curve on a separate track helping to accurately judge if the mix is EBU compliant offering extra finess and unmatched precision to your mixes. Nuendo 6 also feature a brand new and unique ADR Taker system, a complete voice recording solution designed to offer convenience and practicality. The new ADR Taker system offers several video count-in techniques from swipes to countdown ensuring all the recordings are on time. Additional marker/cue lists can also be imported directly into Nuendo 6 so that the dialogue can overlay the picture directly in Nuendo allowing for a much faster workflow and helping voice over artists to focus on the performance. Steinberg Nuendo 6 Overview: • The world’s most efficient audio post-production environment • Groundbreaking new mixing console and high-end channel strip • Anymix Pro from IOSONO for state-of-the-art surround productions • Nuendo 6 ADR taker solution for voice recording and language dubbing • Fully integrated loudness measurement • Voxengo CurveEQ with sound-matching technology • Redesigned user interface with MemZap quick-jump function • Pro Sound Effects post-production library
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Short DescriptionFeatures groundbreaking new mixing console and high-end channel strip, ADR taker solution for voice recording, and fully integrated loudness measurement
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