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Sveda Audio DAPO Active Studio Monitors, Glossy Black (Pair)

Sveda Audio DAPO Active Studio Monitors, Glossy Black (Pair)

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Sveda Audio DAPO Active Studio Monitors, Glossy Black (Pair)

The Sveda Dapo glossy black is a no compromise three-way active studio monitors for nearfield or midfield applications designed to provide truly neutral and linear of sound reproduction.

Designed and built in Poland, The Sveda Dapo uses only components of exceptionally high calibre with many being NOS (new old stock). From ScaneSpeak drivers, to custom wound Lachowski transformers. Following this ethos, Sveda uses Minimelf resistors and specific active crossover styroflex condensers which provide better performance than modern equivalent. Made 30 years by Siemense these condensers deliver superior separation and precision. Sveda has sourced large quantities to supply the manufacture of speakers for years. Highly expensive military-grade silver plated copper tape and Teflon isolation is also used to connect the active crossover modules.  All components are rigorously tested prior to being used.

The rest of the wiring is made by Sveda Audio, using silver plated copper and Teflon isolation. Special connectors are used for the drivers to make replacing the speaker as pain-free as possible. Cleverly enough, connectors are all different size to avoid out of phase wiring or LF and HF connection errors.

The Sveda Audio DAPO uses, as the name suggests, the D’Appolito configuration with the HF driver sandwiched between two midrange woofers in a sealed cabinet offering better bass transient definition. An exceptionally rigid MDF cabinet eliminates unwanted resonance which colour the sound. Fully discrete Class A/B amplifiers developed by Sveda Audio, are used for the drivers which can be configured to deliver equal 150W of power to all three speakers or in bridged mode which produces 240 W for LF driver and 80W to the HF driver.  The Amplifiers are equipped with short circuit, overvoltage and thermal protection. No limiter has been used to ensure true quality of the sound.

Sveda Audio DAPO Active Studio Monitors Features:

  • Active monitors in the D’Appolito arrangement

  • Frequency response: +/- 1,25dB for the range 46Hz - 20000Hz,  +/- 3dB for the range 40Hz - 40000Hz.

  • Active filters with a slope of 24dB per octave.

  • Electronics: three 150W RMS amplifiers in separate chamber.

  • Sealed enclosure with internal brackets.

  • 26mm front panel, 22mm back and rear panel.

  • Loudspeakers paired with 0,25dB accuracy

  • Dimensions (height/width/depth): 600x220x500 [mm]

Short Description Sveda Audio DAPO (Glossy Black) Monitor
Demo in Store Yes
Manufacturer Sveda Audio
Old Price N/A
Powered, Passive Powered
Type Nearfield / Midfield
HF Driver 1"
LF Driver Size 2x8"
Speaker Design 3-way
Ported No
EQ Correction No
Horizontal or Vertical Vertical
Mounting System No

Customer Reviews

Highly recommend. Review by KMR Audio (Posted on 26/03/2015)
I have to say I was reluctant about accepting an invitation to test yet another set of speakers in my studio. So far in comparison to my speakers, all tests gave poor results. The sound was either toneless, or too little accurate, to apply any proper correction, or even if there were bright and clear, they made my ears ache after few minutes of listening. I was genuinely surprised with Sveda Audio. However the beginning was not pleasant. I played my mixes, that I was working on at the time, and they sounded…ugly. But it was not the fault of Sveda speakers, they just exposed the truth about untamed range at the turn of bass and lower middle frequencies (160-450 Hz) in my mixes. Curiously enough, those parts never gave any rumbling while listened to on my studio speakers, or during tests of various amateur gear (the usual combat conditions), what made me certain of a job well done. Only the correction with Sveda speakers and comparison of the sound “before and after” indicated how much it improved the clarity of the mix. I’m a constant seeker, and even after finishing the mix, I tend to dwell on what could have been done better in terms of clarity and space. Now I know I have the perfect tool to aid me in further development. Thank you, I highly recommend.

Jan Smoczyński, Tokarnia Studio
I don’t know what will I do, if I ever have to work without them again. Review by KMR Audio (Posted on 26/03/2015)
When you see just the cardboard boxes they come in you think they must be enormous! Then you think again: no. Foams, fillings… They need to be secured for transport. Next you need to carry the boxes to their destination. Now, if you have no experience with carrying really heavy load, you may hurt your back, badly. Then you think once more, what foams? Those are the speakers that weigh so much! Holy molly!!! You take them out. Again, wow! They are big, but also shapely. Tall, slim but deep. You need to be extra careful while unpacking those though, the radiator can cut you bad in a few spots at once. I speak out of experience. However I will not focus on the look, suffice to say, it’s as professional as it can get. No trinkets, lights, signs or logos. Nothing. However they do command respect. I set them. They occupy more space than former ones. I switch them on and play the music. At first, of course there’s excitement, manipulating the controls at the rear panel. After trying countless configurations, when all is set back to “zero”, we can focus on listening. Here I will allow myself a short trip to the 1980s. I was born in Jarocin. Thanks to my parents I attended the first festival in 1983. I will never forget the impression of a kick to the stomach with every hit of a kick drum. The power was enormous. It had changed over the years. Still loud, but somehow less powerful. No kicks to the stomach. Sveda speakers on, the music is playing. I turn up the volume. !!!!IT KICKS!!!!GEEZ!!!!JUST LIKE JAROCIN!!!! Surely on a smaller scale, but still! I can have my private rock, rap, blues, you name it, festival at home! The power is back!!! And it wasn’t even so loud to make your eardrums explode, or your neighbours pay you a visit with the police. There is power, but what about sound? It’s, so to speak, amazingly accurate. Makes your teeth ache! Again, when I listen to known pieces, I hear sounds that weren’t there before, or I forgot they were there. In my own mixes I was hearing tracks that were supposed to be just the background. DAPO played them so clearly. The speakers are precise. Incredible! And they are addictive. I was thinking of using them for listening for 2 to 3 weeks, to learn them, and then I would try to mix something. However I started mixing after a week or so. It did take more time than usual, because I kept hearing things I didn’t like. When I finally made all the tweaks, the mix sounded great! I listened to it on a consumer gear, in a car, old boom box, my phone through headphones, and each time it “rocked"! Disadvantages? Maybe I’ll find some one day, but I’m not sure if I feel like searching. Advantages? Power, precision, accuracy, stereo, clarity, warmth. I can’t imagine how did I work without those before. And I don’t know what will I do, if I ever have to work without them again.

Arek Namysłowski
Wonderful, referential speakers. Review by KMR Audio (Posted on 26/03/2015)
Wonderful, referential speakers. DAPO offer a great comfort of work thanks to their accuracy, no distortion of particular frequency ranges (linearity), and precise control over panorama and depth.
They ruthlessly expose every flaw in recordings and mixes, show more and deliver all nuances with precision. They are equipped with powerful and fast amplifiers, that positively influences playing the low frequencies. The closed casing offers good control over the sound even in the rooms with less than perfect acoustics.
I highly recommend, especially along with proper cables and converter, in my case Vovox and Mytek.
Jacek Piotrowski, aranger, music producer
...best so far. Review by KMR Audio (Posted on 26/03/2015)
I’ve had those speakers in my studio for two weeks, and I have to admit that they were the best so far, even though I worked on many different monitors along the way.
Artur Lutyński, Black Cat Studio
Classical and simple design. Accurate. Review by KMR Audio (Posted on 26/03/2015)
Classical and simple design. Accurate. The correction on the rear panel is well balanced, subtle, fitting the design. Using it doesn’t appear to affect the sound in a negative way. Personally I switch on/off only bass boost whose functionality I don’t understand, though I’m sure it is not EQ. Anyway it seems to broaden the low range, without introducing any distortion. The tweeter correction +1/0/-1 dB is useful when I place the speakers closer or further.
The power of amplifiers and synchronization of speakers gives impressive results. Even though it is a three way system, it operates so consistently that all we hear are the apparent sources. The casing is closed. There are no phase shifts, no colorization in the lower range, and they’re fast. Also there’s incredible dynamics in the full range. Superb! The sound doesn’t seem glued to the speakers. It fills the space smoothly and accurately. The clarity and linearity makes you instantly hear every nuance. You can either immerse in music or analyze it. The sound is authentic and objective. The stereo is flawless. You can hear every detail of the recording, the mix, but also the skills and experience of the sound engineers, and the quality of the gear used. When I work on the mix I instantly hear if the applied effect does better or worse, regardless of whether the output signal is equal or higher than the input. There is no impression “the louder, the better”. Every little nuance is audible, like a subtle saturation for instance. For those that are skeptical about the high sampling, you can really hear the difference of 44.1, 96 or 192kHz. The speakers make it easy to estimate the quality of dithering, while converting to 16-bit, and setting the right parameters. You cannot overdo with compression or maximizer.
The speakers play equally well at high and low volumes. In comparison, most small speakers with bass-reflex sound like blaring boxes of tight sound, usually dedicated to computers, that make it impossible to distinguish not only between the worst digital recordings from the 1980s and the best analogue recordings, but also between nowadays good and bad digital material.
I’ve used Sveda Audio speakers to listen to almost every genre both from digital and analogue sources. Both sources proved the speakers genuine and accurate. Baroque classics, contemporary music like rock, techno, electronic music, hip-hop, new wave, jazz. Symphonic recordings, small bands, solo performances, female and male vocals, choirs…everything right in its place. I was surprised, while listening to some analogue albums, recorded totally in analogue way, I could hear the differences between the sessions, in mixes, and also different head’s azimuth or the kinds of tapes used before dubbing the songs down to the master tape. Sveda speakers play what you throw at them, without adding or subtracting anything. Good recordings give supreme pleasure like good films. On the other hand they emphasize every mistake, in the sound, mix or timing. It’s worth noting that it is not because of analytical sound delamination, which is annoying. Rather it’s the consistent combination of all the elements that create the broad enough sound space to allow the listener to decide whether he wants to listen to the piece as a whole, or the mix and mastering, or even a particular instrument/vocals. Similarly to the cinema, where you watch the story, filming technique or any specific detail of the production. It’s is extremely pleasant and makes you want to lose yourself in listening on Sveda speakers.
What about disadvantages? There’s one thing that irritates me. However it relates not only to Sveda speakers, but any speaker with AB amplifier. It’s the noise. It’s almost silent, but it’s there. On the other hand there’s no other amplifier playing better than AB. Perhaps in the near future the pulse amplifiers will match the sound quality. I’m sure that when that happens the engineer of Sveda Audio will use them in the design

Piotr Rudomino, Metaluna
Uncompromising, very precise in a full range. Review by KMR Audio (Posted on 26/03/2015)
Uncompromising, very precise in a full range. Low frequencies are almost tangible.
Bartosz Szczęsny, Rebeka
I don’t know if I’ve ever had that much pleasure while mixing. Review by KMR Audio (Posted on 26/03/2015)
When I worked with those speakers for the first time, I had a feeling that there is too little of lower range, but at the same time I heard apparent mistakes in the mix in the low range. When I did the correction it sounded better on other speakers as well. Being more powerful than most near field speakers, they allow (on account of health only for a moment) turning up the volume to the concert level. Playing over 90 dBA we still have a clear sound, and every bass note is audible. I have a version with EQ, which is similar to Genelec speakers, and this allows me to adjust the sound to the environment and personal taste, but even without this functionality the speakers would have been great. Last but not least they are powerful enough to record the instrument, guitar or bass, listening to those in the mixing room.
The first impression was very good, but it gets better with time. I don’t know if I’ve ever had that much pleasure while mixing.
Jacek Miłaszewski, www.milaszewski.com
Congratulations Mr Arek! Review by KMR Audio (Posted on 26/03/2015)
We tested the following configuration:
HHB CD Pro CD-player (sampling 16/44.1) -> optical cable ADAT by MYTEK -> mastering processor MYTEK DSD/192kHz -> cables VOVOX Sonoris -> Speakers SVEDA AUDIO dapo + Sub wombat 15C connected with speakers with XLR audio cables by SVEDA AUDIO.
Speakers settings: rear panel, filters setting – „0” – meaning the filters were off, apart from the tweeter’s level, set to +1 (which sounds more natural in my opinion). The Sub speaker was set to 47Hz – 20Hz.
Firstly I want to say that I prefer to work on speakers with flat characteristics, that do not colour the sound.
I need to say that when I plugged in the speakers for the first time, they rendered me speechless. It is the best set, I’ve ever heard and it’s a Polish design. The genuineness, clarity and nobleness of the sound is incredible. It’s very solid, not floating. It is a bit like combining three nations into one – German precision and accuracy, Scandinavian reserve and objectivity and Polish romanticism and sort of Slavic soul. The speakers sound very transparent and clear in 3D. They allow to catch every detail, which is a very good thing, since as they say, the Devil is in the details.
When we have those speakers there is no need for “clearing” headphones. Any mistakes made during the mix are immediately heard. The speakers combined with a sub give you a sense of control over the mix, that sounds great anywhere, from laptop to big sound systems. They are not tiring even after long hours of work. We are more likely to develop a neck or backache from sitting, than a headache from listening.
The sound is almost referential. The speakers along with the sub are perfect for mix, tracking, as well as mastering. However it is vital so that they are properly set up in the mixing room, that needs to present a good acoustics in itself (if we mix in the “well” we probably will not appreciate neither the speakers nor the subs…;))
The SVEDA AUDIO DAPO speakers along with the sub sound beautifully transparent in the high range, warm and precise in the middle and fast, robust, coherent but juicy in the low frequencies. They create a beautiful three dimensional space. The bass guitar seems almost tangible, like you can perform equalization with surgical precision. They sound the same played at low and high volume, there is no distortion. They’re made for mixing and mastering. It feels like you’re „immersed in and surrounded with” the „Nirvana of sound”. The sound is directional, concentrated and the hearing field is not too wide, which makes it possible to set those precisely and allows a kind of flexibility with regard to the distance between the speakers (they can be placed closer in smaller rooms). In case of speakers playing “too wide” it is much more difficult.

When we place the speakers we need to remember the rule of isosceles triangle, with the speakers directed towards our ears (preferably with the tweeter on the same plane as our ears, or directed towards them). The height at which we place the speakers is also very important, specifically so that they are not in the pivotal resonance of the room. In this case, thanks to the D’Appolito design, they are not so vulnerable to incorrect vertical placement, as in case of those not having additional 6-8” speaker.
They sound great when playing classical, jazz, pop, r&b, rock, metal, frankly all kinds of music, provided it is well mixed music.
They are the speakers with high, referential quality, flat characteristics that can be trusted. All problems with a mix are immediately heard. I’ve worked on many projects, of different genre's for many hours and never got tired. It is of great importance during long sessions.
It is indeed a perfect tool! Congratulations Mr Arek!

The speakers without the sub play within the range of 20 kHz to 47 Hz, with the accuracy of +/- 2.25 dB! They have closed casing, which makes them fast and the low frequency range does not dip down rapidly, as it happens in case of open speakers, but lowers slowly from 47 HZ to around 29 Hz (do 35Hz /-10 dB!) The subs characteristics are equally flat. It lowers to 20 Hz and is extremely fast. It’s also in closed casing. Regarding the upper range it can be set for 120 Hz to 27 Hz. I personally set it the way so its upper range smoothly connects with the lower range of DAPO speakers, which is 47,9 Hz.

Paweł Sydor, composer, pianist, conductor, owner of STUDIO PAVILION MUSIC
Full confidence. For the first time. Review by KMR Audio (Posted on 26/03/2015)
Mastering precision of Léon, musicality of reel tape and NS10-like proportion control. You need to carefully think what you play to your customers – they will also hear everything.
Full confidence. For the first time.
Andrzej Karp

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