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Thermionic Culture Phoenix Mastering Plus

Thermionic Culture Phoenix Mastering Plus

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Thermionic Culture Phoenix Mastering Plus

The Phoenix is a stereo compressor which can be used as a pair of mono compressors. It has a ‘soft knee’ or ‘variable mu’ characteristic in that the compression ratio increases with the amount of compression being used. Initial compression is 1.2:1 increasing to 5:1 at 15dB compression.

A side chain filter has now been added to provide 75Hz & 150Hz, but more permutations are possible when the MC is used in stereo mode with the link switch engaged.

The Master Phoenix is easier to recall as it has a mixture of indented and switched controls and the screwdriver adjustment on the chassis behind the meters controls the current through the valves on this unit, so this corrects to some extent for valve ageing. A screwdriver is supplied with the Master Phoenix and should be used periodically to adjust the meters to zero

Stepped Input & Output controls * 6 position switched attack control * 7 position switched release control * 11 position switched threshold control

Key Features

All valve design for greater presence and naturality.
Completely free from solid state additives.
Transparent compression.
Punchy when pushed.
Drive it hard for compression effects and distortion.
Absolutely flat frequency response over entire audio range and beyond.
Minimal phase shift giving a crisp and warm sound.
Stepped Input & Output controls
6 position switched attack control
6 position switched release control
11 position switched threshold control
Side Chain Filter - 75Hz & 150Hz plus permutations.

New Features

24 position ELMA rotary Input switch, +31dB gain
31 position OMEG stepped Output pot
Chicken head knobs for Attack, Release and S/C
New Input, Threshold and Output knobs
ALPHA Side Chain filter
All Mullard & Siemens valves
Phoenix Mastering Specifications

Max output level (MOL)
+19dB into 600 ohms
+ 24dB into 10K ohms

Max Gain

Total Harmonic Distortion
Better than 0.06% @ 100Hz & 1kHz

Noise, IEC weighted
better than 100dB below MOL

Input Impedance
15k ohms

Frequency response
<1dB variation over range of 12Hz to 56kHz.

Attack Time
0.004 sec to 0.12 sec

Release Time
0.04 sec to 2.4 sec

Output Impedance
600 ohms

Distortion will increase with compression, typically 0.2% & 0.25% at 1kHz & 100Hz with 8dB compression. Attack and release controls are somewhat interdependent, for instance a change of attack setting may affect the release time slightly. Therefore, no times are given on the front panel.


PCC85 (equiv. 9AQ8)

ECC81 (equiv. 12AT7, CV4024)

Side chain detector:
EB91 (equiv. 6AL5, CV4025).

Other new features include a standby switch which is provided to extend valve and capacitor life. When in 'standby' the HT current through the valves is only 50% of the normal value. The meter zero level adjusters have now been brought to the front panel to avoid having to take the unit out of the rack and so making calibration easier.
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