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Thermionic Culture Rooster 2

Thermionic Culture Rooster 2

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Thermionic Culture Rooster 2

The Thermionic Culture Rooster 2 is dual-channel all valve mic preamp with distortion controls offering a wide range of tonalities.

The Thermionic Culture Rooster 2 is extremely flexible offering a choice of harmonic distortions and subtle dynamic control. The preamp section uses a double triode 12AX7 input valve which produces a smooth sound at the input stage.  It includes +48V phantom power and a DI input which bypasses the transformer for high impedance unbalanced input.

Following the preamp section the Rooster 2 has an “Attitude” section which shapes the distortion produced by a 5654 valve. At its lowest settings, the Rooster 2 exhibits very low natural distortion far below 0.1% offering a clean sound. Increase the “Attitude” and extra harmonics are added delivering an extremely musical and warm valve sound. In Triode mode, the Rooster 2 will produce mainly 2nd order harmonics while in Pentode mode, 3rd order harmonics for a more aggressive sound adding a wide range of creative options.

Following the attitude section is a simple yet very musical EQ section comprising Bass Lift and Cut, Mid/high Lift, Mid Cut and Low Pass filter. The Bass lift control uses a unique varislope design peaking at 60Hz for precise and solid sound without adding unwanted mud. The Bass Cut is a 5-position switch which offers different curves ranging from high-pass to shelf with frequencies changing accordingly to the 5 positions. Used with the other EQ controls this is a very powerful and flexible setup to tailor the sound how you want. The Mid/High lift uses a bell like curve with variable gain peaking at either 2.5kH or 4kHz, or as a varislope curve peaking a 12kHz. The Mid cut control offers a bell curve at 700Hz with continuous control over the amount of cut and is ideal to remove some of the congested area and open the incoming sound. Finally the LPF switch lets you remove all the unwanted high frequencies which can sound harsh especially when using a lot of 3rd order harmonic distortion.

Thermionic Culture Rooster 2 Overview:

  • All valve signal path.

  • Sowter Transformer balanced ins and outs.

  • Unique 2 channel clean mic. amps with 'Attitude' control.

  • Option of 2 settings to select type of introduced distortion.

  • Versatile eq. with 'varislope' control of top and bass lift.

  • 48v Phantom Power switchable to one or both.

  • Phase invert switch on both channels.

  • Mic./line and DI input.

  • Low pass filter.

  • High Pass filter.

  • Low noise, High gain and High output level.

  • Made in England

Short Description Dual-channel all-valve mic preamp with distortion and EQ
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Manufacturer Thermionic Culture
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