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TK Audio S-Blender

TK Audio S-Blender

TK Audio S-Blender

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TK Audio
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The S-Blender is a mini mastering console with two stereo inserts for parallel / serial processing and a perfect tool for mixing and mastering. The five-step mode control changes the signal path, and numerous combinations can be tested without reconnecting any outboard. The first insert has a semi-fixed position and the second insert can be positioned at four different points in the signal path. At the push of a button the two inserts swap position and by using the mute buttons previewing can be done without altering the level controls. For easy integration the Blender has a separate monitor section with volume control and mono switch. It’s the optimal unit for two-stage compression combining parallel and serial compression in a clean and simple way. Mastering-grade circuits and a switch matrix with gold plated relays guarantees maximum performance. The goal has been to make the perfect tool for parallel and serial processing. With two outboard processors connected – for example two compressors, or a compressor and an EQ – numerous combinations can be achieved at a twist of a knob. Interfaced with a DAW and a monitoring system the Blender can be used for both processing and monitor control. Function The input signal is split into three separate channels: Channel 1 is the unprocessed sound. Channel 2 has the Insert 1 inserted. Channel 3 is only active in Mode 5, and otherwise muted. Insert 2 moves around in the signal path depending on the mode setting. It’s also possible to swap the position of the two inserts by pressing the swap button. The three channels are followed by a mix point with a blend control for channel 1 and 2. When Mode 5 is enabled Channel 3 can be mixed into the signal with a separate volume control. The channel mute buttons cuts the signal without affecting the other channels making it possible to preview channels without altering any level controls. Modes Insert 1 is always inserted into channel 2 for parallel processing. Insert 2 can be placed at four different points in the signal path. Mode 1 - Insert 1 active on channel 2 for parallel processing. Mode 2 - Insert 2 is placed before the split point. Mode 3 - Insert 2 is placed in series with Insert 1. Mode 4 - Insert 2 is placed after the mix point. Mode 5 - Insert 2 is active on channel 3 for parallel processing. A green LED shows the position of Insert 1 and a red LED shows position of Insert 2. Swap The swap switch change places of the two inserts. Main level The main level is placed right before the main output. Monitor level The monitor signal is fed directly from the output connectors through its own dedicated level control. A mono switch is also provided for checking mono compatibility. The mono switch does not affect the main signal. Bypass The unit is aslo provided with a true bypass switch for A/B comparison. Key Features: ●Unique parallel and serial processing ●Gold plated relays ●Monitor section with volume control and mono switch
Short Description The Blender is a mini mastering console with two stereo inserts for parallel / serial processing and a perfect tool for mixing and mastering.
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Manufacturer TK Audio

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