Unity Audio Boulder 7.2.4 Atmos Bundle

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Includes 7x Boulder 4 Mini Rock and two B.A.B.E DSP subwoofers to setup an atmos system

The Unity Audio Boulder 7.2.4 Atmos Bundle includes all the speakers necessary to set up an Atmos system.

The bundle includes:

  • 7x Unity Audio Boulders
  • 4x Mini-Rock
  • 4x Mini-Rock Yoke
  • 2x B.A.B.E DSP Active Subwoofer

Unity Audio Boulder Mk-III

The Unity Audio Boulder Mk-III DSP is a critically-acclaimed 3-way active studio monitor with brand new 220mm (8.5") crystal membrane woofer, new hybrid amplification system and DSP.

The Unity Boulder Mk-III boasts a crystal membrane made with an inverse aluminium dome joined to a paper cone using a special gelling process to design the necessary sandwich construction. The aluminium dome is then stiffened with a crystal shape to reduce undesirable resonances and colouration. The result is a tighter low-end with increased power handling and dynamics.

The Unity Audio Boulder Mk-III uses a new hybrid Class D and Class A/B amplification architecture with the former powering both woofers and the latter powers the coaxial-midrange and ribbon tweeter. This new architecture delivers more power while retaining the life-like qualities and superior dynamics that made Boulder such a studio staple.

A new DSP system replaces the traditional analogue input crossover, offering 24bit/96kHz high-quality operation, ultra-precise 1/10th dB level control on both input and output channels, mute, phase, delay and 8-bands of fully parametric EQ as well as a limiter for protecting the speakers. The DSP is powered via a Mac and PC compatible software and the speaker connects via Ethernet.

In addition to the DSP connections, the Boulder Mk-III DSP includes Analogue input and output over XLR to feed either a subwoofer or the Boulder Active Bass Extender (B.A.B.E)

Like the rest of the range, the Boulder Mk-III DSP uses a sealed cabinet, preferred for its accurate bass response, superior transient response and its gradual 12dB per octave roll-off. It is made with 18mm baltic birch plywood with a 30mm Corian front baffle for added density, mass and rigidity to remove any cabinet resonance. Large radius edges are also employed to reduce reflection contributing to the unmistakable quality of this speaker.

Unity Audio Mini Rock 

The Unity Audio Mini Rock is a pair of active studio monitors with 50kHz folded ribbon tweeter and a new crystal membrane 5” woofer powered by Class D amplification.

The Unity Audio Mini-Rock is the smallest in the range measuring 279mm high, 184mm wide and 256mm deep. Following the same sealed cabinet design of its siblings, the Mini Rocks provide the same low-frequency accuracy and transient response. However, the Mini rock uses a split dual-chamber cabinet with an aperiodic vent which increases the bass response of such a small speaker without sacrificing the benefits of a sealed cabinet.

The new crystal woofer uses an aluminium dome joined to a paper cone using a special glueing process that delivers a sandwich construction. an aluminium foil is used to harden the aluminium dome minimising resonances and colouration while providing superior power handling and dynamics. Furthermore, a new voice coil design delivers an extended frequency response by almost an octave, delivering a bigger sound than its diminutive size suggests.

Both the woofer and tweeter are powered by a dedicated 100W Class D amplifier with DC protection and switchable 115V-230V operation. A custom input/crossover has been engineered, giving you volume control on the back of the cabinet.

Unity Audio B.A.B.E DSP Active Subwoofer

The Unity Audio B.A.B.E is an extension speaker designed to extend boulder's LF performance.

The Unity Audio B.A.B.E transforms the Boulder midfield monitors into a full 4-way system.  Not only does it increase low-frequency response, it also provides higher SPL. Ideal for tracking and mixing, the new 4-way system is now also perfect for mastering. 

The B.A.B.E uses a sealed cabinet design for tighter and more accurate bass response. The 12" woofer uses a 5" hexatech external voice coil and hexagonal-shaped aluminium coil. This provides more accurate reproduction, improved durability and power handling. Powered by a 750W Class D amplifier. The Boulder/Babe requires the BB/DSP 19” rack DSP speaker management controller, ( sold separately ). The BB/DSP provides perfect system integration with precision on-board gain, phase, EQ and limiter and presets.

Modular in nature, several mounting options are available from sofit mounting or free standing. The B.A.B.E and Boulders can be mounted side by side or as a tower through the use of a dedicated stand (optional). 

A stereo system comprises of two Boulders and two B.A.B.E cabinets. Four B.A.B.E can be used for a total power of 3400 Watts.

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ManufacturerUnity Audio
Short DescriptionIncludes 7x Boulder 4 Mini Rock and two B.A.B.E DSP subwoofers to setup an atmos system
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