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Waldorf Blofeld Desktop Black

Waldorf Blofeld Desktop Black

Polyphonic synthesizer module

Waldorf Blofeld Module

Waldorf Blofeld Desktop Black

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The Waldorf Blofeld, Black or White Synthesizer Module is a compact and lightweight synth full of Waldorf's legendary sounds and technology. The Blofeld is heavy duty in design, thanks ...

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The Waldorf Blofeld is a polyphonic digital synthesizer, an incredibly powerful and diverse machine that contains a very flexible oscillator section, with modelled analogue waveforms and the wavetable selections from, the Waldorf Q, Micro Q, Microwave II and XT and also the upper wavetable selection from iconic Wave.

Waldorf have a rich heritage when it comes to digital synthesis, their synths have a unique sound and timbre and the Blofeld is no different. It contains all of raw waveforms from it's predecessors and it also packs in a wealth of modulation and effects that compliment it's sound beautifully.

Blofeld feature three oscillators per voice, which feature ring modulation, hard sync, internal frequency modulation and brilliance control, the later of which enhances the brittle, high end tonality of the waveforms to make them sound more up front and glistening, perfect for pads, leads and even if you're looking edgier bass tones.

The filter section is where the sound really comes alive, the filter modes are recreation of models found in earlier Waldorf synthesizers. The Blofeld has two multimode filters, which can be stacked in series or used in parallel. There's high pass, low pass, bandpass and notch modes, each with a 12dB or 24dB slope. Each filter can reach self oscillation and can also be frequency modulated for brash tones. And that's not all. Blofeld also has the comb filtering model from the Waldorf Q, which is a fantastic tool for building up pad sound or even making a glitchy techno bass.

The drive section is also just as potent as the filter, with models again derived from earlier synths, this distortion lets you go from subtle drive to outright filth, and since the two filters can be used in series and parallel, you can drive them independently to build some truly incredible tones.

Onboard effects add a polish to final portion of the Blofeld, there are two effects per patch, with slot one offering your modulation effects like chorus, flanger, phaser and slot two offering you time based effects such as delay and reverb.

All of this functionality is packed up into a desktop or keyboard chassis, with a super clean UI and a very fast workflow. Blofeld is quite simply one digital synth, no one should be without.

The main features of the Waldorf Blofeld include

Polyphonic three oscillator synth

Waveforms derived from historic and iconic Waldorf synths

Dual multimode filters

Powerful effects

Flexible and easy modulation routing

Module version does not send MIDI CC and does not include Sample SL licence

Short Description The Waldorf Blofeld, Black or White Synthesizer Module is a compact and lightweight synth full of Waldorf's legendary sounds and technology. The Blofeld is heavy duty in design, thanks to it's full metal chassis. Ideal for studio, sound design and live.
Demo in Store No
Exclusive N/A
Manufacturer Waldorf
Synth Engine Type N/A
Built-in FX N/A
Number of Inputs N/A
Number of Outputs N/A
Power Supply 110V - 240V (Internal)

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