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Waldorf Quantum

Waldorf Quantum

Hybrid Polyphonic Synthesizer

Waldorf Quantum

Waldorf Quantum

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The Waldorf Quantum is a Hybrid Polyphonic Synthesizer that's been co-engineered by synth pioneer and legend Axel Hartmann. Based around a very tightly controlled hybrid architecture th...

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The Waldorf Quantum is a Hybrid Polyphonic Synthesizer that perfectly integrates the incredible sound shaping abilities of Digital Synthesis with all the warm, full sonics of an Analogue Architecture with an incredibly simple and fluid user interface.

Quantum is based around the very famous NAVE application, it features eight total voices of polyphony with each voice having four possible synthesis modes, Two analogue filters, six LFO's, six envelopes, three effects processors plus much much more.

The synthesis modes on the Quantum are very unique to this machine, they include:

  • Classic Waldorf Wavetable
  • Waveform Synthesis
  • Particle Synthesis
  • Resonator Mode

Waldorf are well known for their rich, glassy wavetables and complex digital synthesis algorithms, their sound always cuts through a mix, the Quantum is no different.

The Wavetable selection is based around the 256-wave cycling wavetable from other machines in their lineage, waveform synthesis provides more analogue style waveforms, with complex folding and other modulation effects, particle synthesis provides a rich form of granular synthesis and the resonator modes provides format and speech style synthesis timbres. It can even sample and playback external sources!

As mentioned before, Quantum features two OTA based analogue filters for super smooth dynamics and rich harmonics. Each oscillator can be routed into each filter independantly for some unusual effects and tone shaping abilities. There's also a section dubbed "digital former" which provides bit crushing, downsampling and other digital effects.

For a synthesizer this complex, Waldorf consulted with synthe engineering guru Axel Hartmann, the man responsible for many classic synthesizers over the last few years including the very unusual and rare Hartmann Neuron, Arturia MatrixBrute, 20 Synth, Alesis Andromeda, Waldorf Wave, Moog Little Phatty, Arturia Origin and many more. So it's no surprise that the UI of Quantum has been designed with thought, care and attention to what exactly players and sound designers will need.

Quantum features a highly responsive, contextually sensitive capacitive touchscreen for navigating, controlling and modulating your sound. Most of what you control is on the front panel, the touchscreen is the cherry on top that makes everything meld seamlessly into one mega powerhouse machine.

Waldorf's Quantum is a classic in the making, an incredibly well featured and well thought out machine which brings the absolute best of Waldorfs heritage into a single, monster polysynth.

The main features of the Waldorf Quantum Polyphonic Synthesizer Include

8 voice polyphonic synthesizer

4 synthesis types per voice

Create dual layer stacks / multitimbral patches

6 LFO's and 6 Envelopes Per voice

Two analogue filters

Three digital effects

Comprehensive UI co designed by Axel Hartmann

Short Description The Waldorf Quantum is a Hybrid Polyphonic Synthesizer that's been co-engineered by synth pioneer and legend Axel Hartmann. Based around a very tightly controlled hybrid architecture that neatly blends together the best of Digital and Analogue Synthesis.
Demo in Store No
Exclusive N/A
Manufacturer Waldorf
Synth Engine Type No
Built-in FX No
Number of Inputs No
Number of Outputs No
Power Supply 110V - 240V (Internal)

Customer Reviews

Total sound exploration Review by TheHandofLenin (Posted on 24/01/2019)
First of all the build quality of the Quantum takes back to when synthesizer manufacturers built their synths like tanks. This thing is made of metal and it’s heavy. I own a mid priced synth however you instantly get the impression you are buying a top end product when you play the first sound. Talking of sounds you get 500+ out of the box so you will spend a good evening just going through these. Programming the Quantum at first seems complicated as you have wavetables, waveforms, particle, resonator choices but the coloured LED’s go along way the help. You also have basic sampling, and import of sound. I have noticed, but not yet done it, you can output sound from the aux output, and also that this sound as a sample input. The new kernel 2.0 firmware will add even more power. For each of the three Quantum oscillators, there’s a fifth waveform option that will allow you to stack 6 oscillators into 1 oscillator. You effectively have 3x6 oscillators. They can then be then cross modulated in various ways within each of the three oscillators for total sound creation. Bad points - some have said the keyboard could be better but it’s about as good as you will get for a high-end synth action keyboard without going down the semi-weighted piano style. Unboxing is rather underwhelming and that’s why there are no YouTube unboxing videos. The synth in a nice bag, a piece of card from Waldorf saying your not getting a paper manual, and the power lead. The end!

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