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Waves Z-Noise Native De-noiser Plug-in

Waves Z-Noise Native De-noiser Plug-in

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Waves Z-Noise Native De-noiser Box

Waves Z-Noise is a plugin used to separate any unwanted sonic artifacts such as hiss noises, ground hum and computer noise. It features real-time noise profiling, innovative transient preservation and increased low-frequency resolution that truly revolutionises the way we tackle noise reduction within our recordings.

Waves Z-Noise uses a proprietary algorithm to quickly clean up extraneous noise, tackling the toughest problem we face in the world of audio. The capabilities of the Waves plugins are endless, as we already know, however with this newer more advanced algorithm with an exclusive “extract” mode, you can create a noise profile from sources containing audio. With the real-time operation feature, you can adjust and make changes as you go along, tweaking parameters to hear the improved audio results.

The Z-Noise now lets you shape your noise profile for pinpoint accuracy using a five band EQ interface with real-time operation and broadband processing allows you to get rid of any hiss or rumble simultaneously. Unlike other noise reducers that use the conventional FFT band split modes that divide your audio resulting in insufficient time resolution in the low frequency range, the Z-Noise preserves the high and low frequency information in your audio keeping the crispiness and low end clarity in a way that no other noise reduction plugin can match. In addition the Z-Noise uses innovative transient preservation and exclusive extractive/adaptive noise detection that allows you to remove noise without compromising the dynamic punch within your original recording. It also gives you the option of choosing increased frequency resolution, time resolution or both settings.

Waves Z-Noise Key Features

  • New, more "musical" algorithm

  • Dynamic noise profiling with 5-band EQ interface

  • Extract mode creates noise profile from any audio

  • Real-time operation lets you hear changes as you make them

  • Preserves low frequency resolution

  • Delivers improved high frequency detail

  • Reduced time domain sensitivity for less "smear"

  • True broadband processing

  • Quickly eliminates hiss, hum or rumble

  • Lets you choose between increased frequency or time resolution

  • Convenient iLok copy protection

  • Runs "native" on both Mac and Windows platforms

Short Description Denoiser plug-in with real-time noise profiling, innovative transient preservation and increased low-frequency resolution.
Manufacturer Waves
Old Price N/A
Software Type No
Supported Plug-in Format AU, VST, AAX Native
Supported Computer Format Mac, PC
ILok Required

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