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Musikmesse 2016 NEWS part1


Musikmesse 2016

Musikmesse 2016 NEWS part1


It's that time of year when Frankfurt hosts Musikmesse, Europe's largest Pro Audio Exhibition. Here are a few NEW products previewing at the show and due for release this year.


Chandler Limited | TG Microphone Cassette


Chandler Limited | has reproduced the classic EMI TG12345 legacy sound set in a modern 2u designed recording chain. By combining the acclaimed EMI/Abbey Road Studios series TG1, TG2 and Curve Bender EQ into the new TG Microphone Cassette. The TG1 Opto limiter can be independently patched, so the MicPre and EQ could be used on one source whilst the limiter is used on another. This is sure to be a very popular and intriguing product both for tracking and mixing.

UK Price £2599 inc vat.

Chandler Limited TG Microphone Cassette Front KMR


Bettermaker | Mastering Limiter


Bettermaker | Whilst still in prototype, Polish designer Bettermaker are using Musikmesse to showcase their new Mastering Limiter. Housed in a similar styling to their popular EQ models, this is is still in development and Marek is keen for feedback and views from visitors to the show to help finalise the design.

Bettermaker Mastering Limiter KMR



Audient | ASP8024 Heritage Edition


Audient | Are showcasing their Heritage Edition of their very successful ASP8024 Analog Console, designed by David Deardon. More than just a colour facelift, the ASP8024-HE includes a new variable mix bus based upon their Retro Iron design, which provides ' punch and vibe to the consoles mix output' according to Audient. This output card also provides a subtle Low Bump and High Lift and the main mixbus has been upgraded with John Hardy Co 990C discrete amplifiers.

The VCA mixbus compressor now has a HPF in the sidechain and has a smoother make-up gain circuit. Upgraded ALPS main monitor pot, vintage knobs and chunky fader caps as well as an improved FaderLink plug-in, which controls 8 channels of of DAW integrated VCA automation, alongside a new visual colour scheme make this a very attractive looking and sounding British desk.  From UK Price £17'100

ASP8024 Heritage Edition KMR


AMS Neve | Active Faders Software


AMS Neve | Introduce Active Faders Software available immediately for their Genesys and Genesys Black consoles. The Genesys consoles already have Encore automation ( as on the 88R ) but now have another option with Active Faders. Using the built in track automation on the DAW to control the Genesys Faders and Mutes completes the integration between desk and DAW seamlessly.

Genesis Black KMR


Rupert Neve Designs | RNHP


Rupert Neve Designs | Based on the headphone output circuitry from the 5060 Ceterpiece Desktop Mixer, the Rupert Neve Designs RNHP : Precision Headphone Amplifier is a 24V reference quality headphone amplifier. Will be shipping late May 2016. UK Price TBC



Eventide Audio | Tverb


Eventide | in partnership with Tony Visconti have created a new Reverb plug-in called Tverb. Based upon Tony Visonti's recording of David Bowie's Heroes at Hansa Studios Berlin, this plug-in recreates the sound of 3 mics in the room, via a gate and EQ allowing you to blend the sources creating a unique signature Lush reverb sound.

Eventide Tverb KMR


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By Nick Mitchell

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