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Eurorack Modules

Pioneered by Dieter Doepfer in the mid 90’s the Eurorack Modular format is a forever expanding world of inspirational sound and experimentation, taking it’s fundamentals from the original Moog Modular, Roland System and Buchla designs, Eurorack brings the modular synth format into a more compact, affordable and more importantly universal medium, allowing any manufacturer to create modules that work seamlessly together.

More and more manufacturers are coming onto the scene daily, offering something weird and wonderful that you don’t ever see in the normal synth market, from complex digital oscillators to re-issues of tried and tested vintage circuits the world really is your oyster when it comes to modular synthesis.

If you want to make a small functional monosynth, re-create a classic drum machine using individual voices, make a complex multi-channel multi-effects processor or make a monster sequencer for you live rig it’s all possible, all you need to do is pick your Eurorack case and power supply and you can start building your dream synthesizer right away.

We have an incredible range of modules to choose from online from established manufacturers like Doepfer, Roland, Analogue Solutions and Dave Smith, to newer builders like Intellijel, Mutable Instruments, Abstract Data, TipTop Audio, AJH Synth, Studio Electronics, Noise Engineering and many many more.

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Eurorack Modules categories

  • VCO's and Filters

    VCO's and Filters

     Oscillators and filters are the central sound source found inside most synthesizers, they come in many forms and flavors and vary in terms of functio...
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  • Cases, Cables and PSU's

    Cases, Cables and PSU's

    A good Eurorack case is one of the most important components to consider when buying a modular system. If you're intending to use your modular system for shows ...
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  • Sequencers


    Sequencing is one of the coolest things about a modular system. With many modules doing away with the more conventional 16-step sequencing and bringing in inter...
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  • Mixers and VCA's

    Mixers and VCA's

    Mixers and Amplifiers are another key component to any synthesizer.  Mixers in the Eurorack format usually allow for both CV and Audio mixing duties, allo...
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  • Modulation and Effects

    Modulation and Effects

    Modulation is what makes a synthesizer a synthesizer. Modulation can be as simple as controlling the pitch of an oscillator or as advanced as frequency modulati...
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  • CV Converters and Utilities

    CV Converters and Utilities

    CV converters allow for integrations between external devices such as a MIDI device and your modulation system. Common CV converters allow for conversion of MI...
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what to look for

  • 1

    Horizontal width or HP

    Make sure your case has space for your modules. Though all modules are 3U high, the width differs.
  • 2

    Sound and functionality

    With so many options on the market, you're spoiled for choice. Pick a sound source that fits your needs.
  • 3


    If you're intending to buy a mixer or a mult for example and you want to mix CV, make sure it's DC coupled.
  • 4

    Outputs and VCA's

    Without a dedicated VCA or output module you wont be able to get any signal out of your system. Make sure you have at least one VCA.
  • 5

    Installing Modules and Power

    Though installing modules is relatively simple, take care to make sure your PSU can handle the modules you're picking for your system.
  • 6

    Experiment With Settings

    Though modular systems can function just like any other synthesizer, don't get stuck in "the ways of the monosynth". Experiment with patches.

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