KMR was established to bring the very best in recording technology to anyone who cares about music, recording and audio. Whilst we can supply anything from any manufacturer, and we accept people's tastes vary and requirements are diverse, the equipment we have listed below comes with our seal of approval – these products have been thoroughly tested by us and have consistently produced world-class results for our clients.
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  1. A-Designs MP-2A
    A-Designs MP-2A
  2. A-Designs P-1 500-series Mic Pre
    A-Designs P-1 - Mic-Pre
  3. A-Designs Pacifica
    A-Designs Pacifica
  4. A-Designs Reddi
    A-Designs Reddi
  5. A-Designs Reddi V2
    A-Designs Reddi V2
  6. Ableton Live 11 Standard
    Ableton Live 11 Standard
  7. Ableton Live 11 Suite
    Ableton Live 11 Suite
  8. Ableton Push 2
    Ableton Push 2
  9. Access Virus TI2
    Access Virus TI2 Desktop
  10. Access Virus TI2 Keyboard
    Access Virus TI2 Keyboard
  11. Access Virus TI2 Polar
    Access Virus TI2 Polar
  12. KMR Exclusive
    Acme Audio WB3 Mowtown DI
    Acme Audio Motown DI WB-3
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