KMR Video : PT Expert | Crane Song & Dave Hill Designs Plug-ins


Pro Tools Expert put together one of their first Expert VidPods a few years ago in collaboration with ourselves showcasing the Crane Song and Dave Hill Designs Plug-ins.

The original video was a 50-minute affair covered in a podcast-style chat between James Ivey, Marcus Huyskens and Mike Aiton.

Their approach was to break the plug-ins into three different users point of view where James came from the Music angle, Mike from the Post and Marcus from the Sampling direction.

The plug-ins used were the Crane Song Pheonix II Tape Emulation and Crane Song Peacock Vinyl Emulation; as well as the Dave Hill Designs RAThe videos above have been broken down into three slightly shorter videos demonstrating the individual plug-ins features.

Crane Song Plugins KMR

For more information on these, or any CraneSong and Dave Hill Designs products - please contact us to arrange a demo license or click the image links below for more details on the other excellent hardware provided by this amazing Pro Audio designer: Dave Hill.


Crane Song KMR Audio


Dave Hill Designs KMR